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ThinkCERCA has an essential purpose: to give students the opportunity to improve their critical thinking skills. The CERCA framework stands for Claim, Evidence, Reasoning, Counterargument, and Audience and through it, teachers and students meet to create and take different lessons in writing, discussion, reading, and subjects from levels 3 to 12.

To do this, together with ThinkCERCA we have created a platform that provides lessons and makes it possible for teachers to upload their own lessons, so students can take them, be quizzed, graded, and improve with every class. Students can also join debate chats, and measure their progress, which improves the user and learning experience.



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The Neocoast team is our core development team, and they have done amazing work.

Michael Manley, CTO

The needs

Setting the course

ThinkCERCA was growing and the app needed not only a better and more solid app for its clients but also a more consistent development team. These are the most important areas of work we have been covering together:

Strong and reliable team to make the workflow consistent

Meet clients’ demands by developing new features

Overall improvement of the code across the app

Better team communication with organized procedures

Creative solution

From a solo member of NeoCoast into a team of 7 Neocoasters working on the app, at first, all the efforts were put into improving the way the code was handled. The team started following the best practices while keeping up with customer demands. The first one was the integration with Google Classroom. Among other solutions:

What we did


Development of new and key features like enhancing the grading experience; new integrations; support for professional evaluation services, and others.


Project leadership with a single tech lead who manages the entire team


Consistent workflow with agile methodologies and reliable results


Improve the app while applying the best practices and documentation