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From Australia to the US we help our client be the perfect online store for their client.
Ever since 2016, our client felt confident that we could create the ideal app, one where users would feel comfortable and secure while making a purchase.

Nowadays, the app can handle hundreds of users simultaneously and has achieved excellent revenue goals.
The team is responsible for the infrastructure, architecture, and features of the application. We ensure that nothing can affect the app because we understand the importance of every purchase for users and the client.

Customers can now have an excellent online experience, buy and expect their purchase as soon as possible.



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No matter what the project is or the direction it’s taking; we can get a developer to do what we need quickly and at high quality


The needs

Setting the course

Our relationship with the app started when the company was only a startup. Users were not as demanding as they are now and the app needed to take off. The client needed someone to design and maintain the app for that time and for the future.

These have been the primary needs:

Develop a robust app that could handle multiple updates and changes

Create an excellent user experience for shopping and payment

Optimize the overall performance of the application.

Ensure the sustained functionality of the e-commerce platform

Creative solution

From a startup with a few hundred users to an established company with thousands of monthly users, the client has grown with us non-stop.

What we did


Turn the monolithic architecture into a microservices architecture


Improve the performance of the app by making it more robust with better algorithm functions and updated code


Development of new and key features including the addition of payment methods


Create an effective communication process through Project Management