Reduce significantly
students dropout

Nuro Retention




2 years

Areas Covered

Web Development



From an innovative idea as a startup, Nuro grew to be a valuable asset to clients, from community colleges to four-year universities.

Together we created an advanced Web App that combines AI and Data Analysis to follow students’ progress and monitor their dropout risk so institutions can assist them as quicky as possible.

Nuro’s Product Quality


Increase in overall 1st year
retention in 2 years


Estimated return on
investment in 2 years


Retention increase for black
and hispanic students’ 1st year

Nuro’s Product Quality


Better communication methodologies with SCRUM


Faster than before

Less Bugs

Due to testing implementation

6 Years

Stable and reliable team 6 years working together

They're critical thinkers and they always have a positive attitude.

Dan Ayres, CTO, Nuro Retention
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The needs

Setting the course

Nuro has been working with us since 2016 which has made us see their needs evolve over time.As hard as it is to summarize the work we have done during the last 6 years, we have categorized some of Nuro’s needs in order to provide a better understanding of our process:

Develop New Features to keep up with client expectations

Keep an excellent level of Performance while the app is still growing

Maintain High-Quality code across the app over the years

Make the app understandable and maintainable for all engineers working on it

Improve the process of Communication between the companies

Creative solution

Not only did we focus on what the project needed, but also on what Nuro’s clients were looking for in the app.We taught React and RoR to other members of our team in order to have more hands-on-deck and improve our code-reviewing capacity. At the same time, we made sure that every change we did was justified based on previous investigations.

What we did


Develop new and better features that clients demanded


Updated the Architecture while still running having it up and running


Created a New Dashboard for Students’ data


Overall improvement with Testing & QA


Better communication thanks to Agile Methodologies