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We move to make people’s lives easier through software development. The power of IT will take you to where you need to be if you surround yourself with the right people.

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We are always moving

Curious minds that can’t stop creating. We are always moving is born from an idea and turns into a mindset in Neocoast. The Tech industry is always evolving and so are we - staying always at the top of our game.
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If what you’re looking for is...

a stable team that you can rely on (in your same timezone)

initiative to develop High-Quality products

to simplify staffing procedures

a collaborative team from home, with the same timezone

a partner that gets ahead of the difficulties

We are the ones for you

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From their heart

My objective is to have a reliable, talented, and high-performing software team (…) I wouldn't be partnering with Neocoast if I didn't think they meet those characteristics.

Dan Ayres, CTO, Nuro Retention
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What keep us moving

& Partnerships

Be prepared to be a part of our team and vice versa.
Our neocoasters and partners make
us who we are so our relationship
always comes first.

& Trust

Honesty is key to building
a strong partnership. By staying true
to ourselves we create a better space
for everyone.

Growth, Comfort
& Happiness

We strive to be a home away
from home. Neocoast is a place for
everyone to grow, be comfortable,
and feel good doing what they love.