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Food Connect is a non-profit organization with the mission of bringing closer the gap between surplus food and hunger. With Food Connect’s web and mobile app, restaurants and food suppliers can link with community organizations to deliver the food they need.

We believe in our client’s purpose. Combining technology and good causes makes everything better. Nowadays, our team handles all of Food Connetc’s ecosystem, from the logistics and partners portal to the mobile app, backend,
and UI.





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I am really happy with the entire Neocoast Team. Everyone is passionate and cares about doing great work

Megha Kulshreshtha, Executive Director

The needs

Setting the course

Food Connect needed a system that efficiently managed logistics, connecting partners who had surplus food with those in need. As with any project, there were challenges we had to overcome, such as:

Match the vast network of partners with dispatchers efficiently.

Create a Communication and Development process that was smooth and regarded everyone’s interests and agendas.

Build a new version of the initial mobile app as it was limited in functionality.

Creative solution

In order to get the results we were looking for, we used the latest technologies to ensure the platform was robust and scalable, such as Ruby on Rails, React, React, and Node.js. We also worked with AWS,  GraphQL, Postgres, Twilio, Heroku, and other tools that enabled us to create the app both the client and users were looking for.

What we did


A new mobile app that allows partners to communicate through the platform


Designed a logistics portal that automates the entire process, from ordering to delivery, with the development of an automatic matching system.


Improved communication with the client thanks to Project Management efforts making the development process more efficient.


Keep updating the code of the app, keeping the latest versions of the technologies and best practices.